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  Contact Us

General Inquiries:
 Executive Director:   Cody Roney- cody@seclimbers.org
Stewardship Director Angie Langevin- angie@seclimbers.org
President: Julie Reed- juliemichelle.reed@gmail.com
Vice President:  
Secretary: Josh Reyes
Treasurer: Joseph Goetz- treasurer@seclimbers.org

Click here for our complete Contact List including Area Reps and Board Members.

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  Our Mission

The SCC's mission is to preserve climbing areas for present and future generations to enjoy.

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  Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving climbing access in the southeast. SCC members and volunteers are climbers from Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas and elsewhere who have joined forces to preserve access to climbing areas in the region.

The SCC preserves access through three major avenues:

1. The SCC works with national, state, and local governments and public land managers to preserve access on public lands. The SCC started in 1993 when a group of climbers banded together to mediate with the National Parks Service about ongoing access issues at Sunset Rock, atop Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The SCC had positive results from the start and went on to sponsor cleanups and trail days at public climbing areas all over the southeast. Since then, the SCC works diligently with public land managers to preserve access at Tennessee Wall, Foster Falls, Deep Creek, Buzzard Point, Laurel Falls, Lost Wall, Moss Rock, Palisades, Sand Rock, and others.

2. The SCC works with private landowners to open and preserve access on private lands. The SCC works with private landowners to preserve access at Leda, Little Rock City/Stone Fort, High Point, and others.

3. The SCC raises money to purchase or lease climbing areas from private landowners. The SCC then manages these areas to keep them open to climbing. The SCC also accepts donations of climbing areas. The SCC Land Trust currently owns Boat Rock, Kings Bluff, Jamestown, and Steele and leases Castle Rock.

For nineteen years now, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition aims to provide an ongoing means for climbers throughout the region to come together and respond effectively to access threats and the impacts of increasing use. If you climb at any of the areas mentioned above regularly, please consider joining the SCC.

Click here to see a copy of our 501(c)(3) Articles of Incorporation.

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  How can I help out the SCC?

Join the SCC. Become a member. Make a donation. Your financial contribution, however big or small, helps sustain the work of the SCC. The SCC is a non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.

Click here to go to become a member or make a donation.

Volunteer at a trail day. The SCC organizes several trail days per year with the purpose of conducting erosion control, trail maintenance and trash clean-up. Please attend one or two trail days per year at your favorite crags.

Represent the SCC. The SCC organizes several fundraisers throughout the year, and the SCC is invited to climbing competitions and other events all over the southeast. Interested in working for or representing the SCC at an event? Please contact Development Director, Cody Roney, at cody@seclimbers.org for more information.

Become an Area or State Rep. Click here for more information.

Do you have special skills? The SCC needs volunteers with abilities in writing, photography, media, construction etc...Please contact Development Director, Cody Roney, at cody@seclimbers.org for more information.

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  I'm a member of the Access Fund, why do I need the SCC?

The SCC is a local grass-roots organization dedicated to preserving climbing areas in the South. The SCC works hand in hand with the Access Fund along with The Trust for Public Land, and The National Park Service, as well as other local groups such as The Sandrock Boulders Preservation Society (SRBPS), and People Against Littered States (PALS).

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  What can I do to help minimize my impact''s at the crags?

Please school yourself on how to minimize your impact at crags throughout the southeast. Click here to view our latest SCC Environmental Education Flyer.

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  SCC Partners

Click here to visit our Partners Page.

Interested in becoming an SCC Partner? Please contact Development Director, Cody Roney, at cody@seclimbers.org for more information.

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  SCC Member Benefits

Certain shops, climbing gyms and other businesses partner with the SCC to offer discounts and other benefits to our active members. Click here to see a list of participating businesses and what they offer. Be sure to carry and show your current SCC membership card to receive member benefits.

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