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Denny Cove TN

The SCC and Access Fund are thrilled to announce that Denny Cove, a 685-acre parcel of land in eastern Tennessee, has been acquired and opened to climbing. This acquisition preserves a wild and undeveloped piece of the Fiery Gizzard area in the Southern Cumberland Plateau, and was made possible with critical support of The Land Trust for Tennessee (LTTN) and The Conservation Fund.

Denny Cove is located 30 minutes outside of Chattanooga, just north of the small town of Jasper, between the popular climbing at Foster Falls and Castle Rock. Local climbers began exploring the Denny Cove area five years ago. Excited by the quality and quantity of the cliff line, they brought it to the attention of Access Fund and SCC in 2011. They joined forces with South Cumberland State Park, LTTN, and The Conservation Fund and began working on a long term plan to purchase the property from a private timber owner for permanent protection and climbing access.

Denny Cove already offers approximately 150 climbing routes, with potential for many more on nearly three miles of cliff line. The unique multi-colored sandstone offers routes of all grades and ability levels and boasts a wide variety of terrain—from long overhanging walls to massive roofs, slabs, cracks, and corners.

We are excited to announce that Denny Cove will be open on WEEKENDS ONLY (Saturday and Sunday), beginning November 5!!   

We are still working on trails and infrastructure and don't feel Denny is quite ready for full time public opening, but we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy this stellar climbing resource so we hope you can make you way out on the weekends!

The parking lot at Denny Cove is still setting and we need a good rain before anyone can drive on it.  If the parking lot is blocked off do not move the barriers to park.  There is a small pull off just past the new lot on the left and parking on the sides of the road that will have to work until the lot is ready.  DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD as this is also someones driveway. 

SCSP Rangers will be conducting trail days the first and third Saturday of each month beginning in February to continue the trail work.  Please meet Ranger John in the parking lot.

Please follow these rules while at Denny Cove:

  1. Denny Cove will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice
  2. Denny Cove gate is now opened daily by park rangers.  The gate will close 30 minutes after sunset central time--ALL CLIMBERS MUST BE OUT BY THIS TIME! (There is a sign posted on the trails of sunset times)
  3. No camping
  4. No new route development until a climbing management plan is completed with the SCSP. Click here for information about the SCSP Fixed Anchor Committee.
  5. Please stay on marked trails. Trail reroutes could cause changes to the trails, so please follow all new signage or trail markings.
  6. Please keep dogs on a leash
  7. Please dispose of human waste properly
  8. Pack out all trash and gear


Rockery Press has released an online Denny Cove full guidebook through Rakkup. Download the app to purchase the full guidebook!

Denny Cove Mini Guide- Cody Averbeck has donated a mini-guide for Denny Cove.  You can download the pdf of the mini-guide here.  

Denny Cove cliff map

We are working on compiling a comprehensive list of climbs to release to the public.  Please be patient as we work to put this list together.  

Denny Cove is located approximately one mile south of Foster Falls.  Follow directions to Foster Falls.  The Denny Cove gate and access road is directly across the street from the Foster Falls Volunteer Fire Department, on the west side of Hwy. 41/150. If you are coming from Chattanooga, Atlanta or Alabama the driveway will be on your left, If you are coming from Nashville the driveway will be on your right. 



Donations for the Denny Cove Land Acquisition Project:

While initial funding for the $1.3 million purchase has secured Denny Cove, fundraising is ongoing and donations are needed to pay off the conservation loans to complete the purchase.

SCC still faces a gap in funding and needs the help of local climbers and conservationists to raise $200,000 over the next 3 years!!

The SCC has committed $200,000 towards the purchase of Denny Cove and will begin fundraising to pay off our loan from the Access Fund. Please consider making a donation to this incredible climbing resource today!

The SCC will own and manage Denny Cove from July 2016-December 2016, when the property will be transferred to the South Cumberland State Park and managed alongside Foster Falls. The SCC will continue to manage the climbing resource, host trail days, and will work very closely with the park as a liaison between the park system and climbers.  In addition to rock climbing, the property will eventually offer hiking trails to scenic overlooks, a three-mile trail to a 70-foot waterfall, and primitive campsites. Denny Cove is a recreational landmark in the Thrive 2055 regional planning initiative and part of the new Chattanooga Climbing Conservation Initiative, a 3-year climbing stewardship and sustainability project headed up by Access Fund, with support from Lyndhurst Foundation.

The purchase is significant for land conservation work in the region. It preserves scenic views, water quality and critical plant and wildlife habitat. The steep mountain valley is part of an area identified in the Tennessee State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) and the 2011 Cumberland Voices Conservation Vision document, which includes at least 20 rare plant and animal species marked as a “high priority” for protection.


If you have questions about Denny Cove or Denny Days, please contact cody@seclimbers.org

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Published on: 2016-07-08 (27428 reads)
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