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The Southeastern Climbers Coalition Land Trust

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Welcome sign to Boat Rock
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Boulder at Boat Rock
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View of Castle Rock, TN.
SCC Land Trust

The SCC incorporated the non-profit entity the Southeastern Climbers Coalition Land Trust, Inc. ("SCCLT"), which filed and received status as a 501(c)(3) tax deducible corporation. The Land Trust is the holding company for acquired climbing lands. Monies received raised by the SCC work to fund SCCLT purchases and also provide maintenance and upkeep of the land.

The properties presently held by the SCCLT are:

2002: Boat Rock Preserve, GA (12 acres),
2003: Kings Bluff, TN (10 acres),
2005: Jamestown, AL (3 acres),
2005: Castle Rock, TN (25 acres),
2009: Yellow Bluff, AL (4 acres),
2009: Steele, AL (26 acres),
2011: Deep Creek, TN (2 acres), and
2012: Hospital Boulders, AL (39 acres).

In addition, a very special thanks goes out to all those who support SCCLT acquisitions and stewardship through the Conservation Legacy Program. To learn more or join, click here.

2002: Boat Rock Preserve, Georgia (12 acres)
Located at 1221 Boat Rock Road in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. Boat Rock has a long history of climbing and is home to one of the first bouldering competitions (1985) in the nation and a long history of climbing since the 1970's. The main tract (7.8 acres) was purchased in June 2002 for $100,000.00 and saved from being destroyed and turned into a cookie-cutter subdivision. Three local climbers signed a mortgage note with Regions Bank using their personal credit and the property as collateral. A total of $20k was raised for the initial downpayment with The Access Fund matching one half of that amount ($10k). The mortgage was paid off in 4 1/2 years in 2006. The area is a forested ridgeline with many car and house sized granite egg shaped boulders. A 4.3 acre tract was donated by a local climber to the SCC in March 2004. The largest boulder in the park (EZ crack boulder) was purchased - along with the adjoining house in July 2006 by a local climber. The EZ crack boulder will eventually be donated to the SCC Land Trust and be a part of the Boat Rock Preserve. In 2006, The SCC leased an additional 4.5 acres from Mr. Joseph Wood for $1,600 per year to be able to climb within this area. In 2008, a local developer has donated an additional 20 acres to the Boat Rock Preserve bringing the total to 32.3 acres. The Southeastern Climbers Coalition sponsors a bouldering competition in January (Float the Boat Bouldering Competition) and a summer party in August (Donít Take it for Granite - Summer Party) to help raise funds to pay off the mortgage, taxes and expenses. All taxes, insurance and maintenance has been paid in full for this project.

Click here to donate to Boat Rock Preserve

2003: Kings Bluff, Tennessee (10 acres)
Located in Clarksville, Tennesseee. Kings Bluff is a limestone wall traversing the Cumberland River (1,673.85 linear feet) with 164 routes). This area was donated to The Southeastern Climbers Coalition in 2003 by a local Clarksville climber. Primarily a sport climbing area, this area has routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.13 and will put your crimp strength to the test. Local climbers sponsor an annual cookout to help raise funds to pay the taxes and upkeep of the cliffline.

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2005: Jamestown, Alabama (3 acres)
The Southeastern Climbers Coalition purchased 3.14 acres (1,550 linear feet) of the cliff line at Jamestown, Alabama on May 3, 2005. The Jamestown climbing area is comprised of nearly one mile of 80 to 100 foot tall sandstone climbing cliff located in northeastern Alabama. Situated above the town of Jamestown, this area has a long history of climbing dating back to 1977. The area was discovered by visiting climbers Rich Gottlieb and Chick Holtcamp, who were touring the Lookout Mountain area and climbing at nearby Yellow Creek.

Jamestown has been closed to the public since 1993 after a dispute with a local landowner. The cliff has sat relatively unused and almost forgotten until climbers revisited tax maps and contacted the owner about the possibility of leasing the area. Eventually talks led to the possibility of purchasing the land and a survey of the cliff was quickly commissioned. The tract was purchased for $25k (with survey, closing, etc.) and the SCC paid this amount in full at closing. The SCC now owns and manages the 3.14 acre portion of Jamestown. The Moss Rock bouldering competition in Hoover (Birmingham), Alabama has also helped to raise funds to pay the taxes and upkeep of the Jamestown cliff line.

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2005: Castle Rock, Tennessee (25 acres)
After a year of negotiations with local landowners, the cliff at Castle Rock (TN) is now open for climbing. Castle Rock is located near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and approximately 1/2 mile long of 80 to 120 ft. tall bullet sandstone with over 50 sport and traditional routes.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition began work in the fall of 2004 with SCC reps Kirk Brode and Brad McLeod meeting and negotiating with two private landowners. A deal was eventually worked out with the cliff line and hiking access to be leased for $1,500 per year. Final papers were signed during the last week in December 2005.

Castle Rock is known for itís quality 5.11 and 5.12 sport climbs and one of the hardest routes in the state of Tennessee - Apes on Acid (5.13d). Early climbing route developers such as Jeff Gruenburg, Jerry Roberts, Chris Chestnutt, Mark Cole and Ron Davis spent considerable time at this crag as it was one of the first areas in the deep south to embrace sport (and mixed gear) climbing in the late 1980ís. Castle Rock is listed as a 4 star (out of 5) crag in Tim Toulaís Rock and Road guidebook.

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2009: Yellow Bluff, AL (4 acres)
The Yellow Bluff climbing area is comprised of nearly 1,110 ft of 50 to 80 foot tall sandstone climbing cliff located in northeastern Alabama. Situated South of Huntsville in Morgan County, this climbing area has a long history of climbing, specifically due to it being one of the first true sport crags in Alabama. Yellow Bluff is one of Alabama's most popular crags, and is characterized by 90-100 degree vertical, sand stone walls of bright yellow, orange, and brown colors. There are approximately 40 routes at Yellow Bluff.

In June of 2005, Brad McLeod drove up from Adam Henry's house on a trip north to check out the mystical and then closed Yellow Bluff. After Brad made initial contacts with the landowners, Paul Morley, SCC Board Member and local Huntsville climber, then stepped in to steer the project through its long and drawn out negotiations on purchasing the right side of the crag. Through persistence and hard work, Paul continued the talks with the landowner, leading to an affirmative agreement to sell at a set price. Now Yellow Bluff is climber owned and managed.

Click here to donate to Yellow Bluff

2009: Steele, Alabama (26 acres)
The SCC closed on a 25.59 acre tract (1,418 linear feet) of cliffline at Steele on September 4, 2009. The Steele climbing area has been closed to climbers since 1987 due to private land owner issues. The goal of The Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) is to open this crag to the climbing public for future generations to enjoy. Steele is comprised of over one mile of 80 to 100 foot tall sandstone climbing cliff located in northeastern Alabama. Situated above the town of Steele, this area has a long history of climbing dating back to the mid 1970's. Several old rings and angle pitons have been found scattered all along the cliffline. The 25 acre Steele tract includes approximately 40 climbing routes, both sport and traditional along with a hillside strewn with sandstone boulders. The 25 tract also has a house trailer, metal shed, parking and good road access from the main highway (Chandler Mountain Road). The distance from the house trailer to the Nardo Wall is a short 800 linear feet hike with only a few hundred feet in rise.

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2011: Deep Creek, TN (2 acres)
The Deep Creek cliffs and streams are located on TN Dept of Environment and Conservation land (State Land) and it is by their grace that we are allowed to recreate there. Please be respectful of all rules, other people, and of the sensitive environment while you visit this special and unique area.

Deep Creek Parking area and first 2 minutes of approach trail are owned and maintained by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. While in this area, please be respectful of adjacent land owners by keeping a low profile and following the rules below. Please enjoy your visit to Deep Creek!

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2012: Hospital Boulders, AL (39 acres)
Just north of Gadsden and less than 30 minutes from Horse Pens 40, the Hospital Boulders boasts 150-200 high quality sandstone boulder problems, and even some short traditional, sport and top rope climbs on the west brow of Lookout Mountain. The area, with its spectacular scenic views, still has potential for many more first ascents.

The SCCLT officially closed on the Hospital/High Rocks parcel on November 15, 2012. The Access Fund has providing a bridge loan of $75,000 from the Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign (AFLCC) to finance the acquisition. The SCC is now asking the climbing community to show their support and help fund raise $80,000 to complete the purchase.

Click here to donate to Hospital Boulders

The SCC Land Trust is presently looking for new climbing areas to preserve and maintain open access. If you have a climbing area that you would like to donate or sell at a fair price, The SCC would be very interested in sitting down and speaking with you.

Matthew Gant - matthew@seclimbers.org
Gus Fontenot - guslf100@aol.com
Brad McLeod - mbmcleod@mindspring.com

If you would like to become a member of the SCC or make a donation towards either of the properties then click here to be taken to our Donations page or you can send a check to:

SCC Land Trust
C/O Joseph Goetz
1903 E 12th Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Thank you.

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